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As track cyclist Joe Truman competes for a place in the UK Olympic team, he recently spoke of the benefits of using a PEMF device in his daily training regime. A day later, Joe was featured in a BBC documentary, set in Japan and narrated by Chris Hoy, the UK athlete with the most (six) Olympic gold medals.

The BBC film focuses on Japan’s tough Keirin cycling championships, a sport in which Hoy himself participated and in which Joe is now the only UK rider. In January 2020, Joe won the Keirin Championship at the British National Track Championships and he’s now a strong contender for the UK Olympic team.

So how does a Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field’s (PEMF) device help an aspiring Olympic athlete? Joe explains it in the following endorsement:
“I’ve been using my iMRS PEMF system for the past 6 months in my (now extended) journey towards the Tokyo Olympics. I’ve experienced a whole host of benefits, including boosted energy levels, less fatigue in the run up to competitions, a clearer perspective after using it in the morning, and a better night’s rest after using it in the evening. I also picked up a lower back injury late last year and found it effective in reducing pain and warming the area with capillarisation. Thanks to Swiss Bionic Solutions for guiding me in how to use PEMF most effectively”
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